The Digital Clubhouse Network

Using the power of digital technology to build a better 21st century community

West Coast Clubhouse
History Park San Jose
1650 Senter Road, San Jose, CA 95112

The Digital Clubhouse at History Park San Jose
The Digital Clubhouse in New York City

East Coast Clubhouse
New York Information Technology Center
55 Broad Street, New York City, NY 10004


The Digital Clubhouse Network is a membership organization. Youth and adult participants become Members through volunteerism at the Clubhouse, while corporations, foundations and non-profits become Members through funding and in-kind support, or through partnership initiatives.


We train youth members through our Digitally Abled Producers Program to help us carry out Intergenerational Digital Storytelling Programs in the community.

Youth members are required to give 20 hours of service each month to help run the Clubhouse and its programs, and are required to help pass on their skills by training youth (and adults!)

In return, youth members have a chance to develop a wide range of skills and receive recognition for their efforts. For more information on our youth programs, including how to apply, click here.


Corporations - Foundations - Individuals

The Digital Clubhouse Network depends on the generous support of its Sponsors, whose funding and in-kind support make our work possible. We are a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Contributions are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by the law.


To achieve membership, adults are asked to give at least 30 hours of service each month in support of our programs.

In exchange for their service, Adult Members may use the Clubhouse facilities (except during classes and workshops) and are invited to participate and take leadership roles in any Project that may interest them. They are also eligible (based on the number of hours they commit) for awards and other recognition, both from the Digital Clubhouse Network and our partner organizations.

Mentors work closely with the students in our Youth Programs, drawing on their own experience to provide support and guidance as the students learn new skills, meet deadlines, and carry out their assignments.

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