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In The News

The Digital Clubhouse Network has attracted considerable news coverage since its earliest days as a NASA focus group in 1996, and has been featured on major TV and cable stations, as well as in the print media.

Here are some examples of the stories that the press has carried over the past several years that highlight one or more of our intergenerational programs and projects.

For more background information on the evolution of the Digital Clubhouse Network and how it is using the power of digital technology to build a better 21st century community, please visit Our Story and read our 1999 Smithsonian Case Study.

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ABC News (2004) View Movie

The latest Silicon Valley update on the STORIES of SERVICE program, now a national initiative in partnership with the HIstory Channel, the WWII 60th Anniversary Commemoration Committee of the US Department of Defense and other groups, to mobilize Americans to join us in using 21st century digital technology to preserve forever the memories of those who lived through the defining moments of the 20th century.

ABC News (2003) View Movie

WWII and Korean War veteran Dwight Near and National D@PP Youth Director Greg Perkins are interviewed at the Park Side Auditorium during our 5th Annual "Tribute to Service" program to honor our nation's veterans and the youth who are helping them leave a lasting legacy by producing their digital stories.

ABC Channel 5 (2002) View Movie

Kevin Lichtenberg's prevails over his disability to fulfil his lifelong dreams, and how the Clubhouse has helped him tell his story. Kevin is one of the great success stories of the Digital Clubhouse Network.

CNN (2000) View Movie

"The elders bring their stories, the youth bring the technology -- the rest is history", says DCN founder and president Warren C. Hegg, in this update of the STORIES of SERVICE program -- our flagship intergenerational digital storytelling program -- which was broadcast around the world on Veterans Day 2000.

Microsoft (2000) View Movie

The world's largest software company produced a special video describing our "Cousins of the Clubhouse" program to promote the replication of the Digital Clubhouse model, that was featured on the company's web site.

CNN (1998) View Movie

The "latest generation" helps the "greatest generation" document their experiences during the defining moment of the 20th century: World War II (This project which began before release of Tom Brokaw's book and Steven Spielberg's "Saving Private Ryan", became the basis for STORIES of SERVICE).

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